Author: Caitlyn Byrne

  • BoB Update & Ed-Day Update

    Battle of Baltimore first: Registrations for BoB18 are closed. The event is full. If you are interested in being on the waitlist, please click here. We wish all 30 registered teams good luck and know they will have an awesome event! On to Education Day: Pre-Registrations for Education Day 2018 are open! As with last…

  • Battle o’ Baltimore Registration Open!

    First, there is only about a week until our first Summer Seminar! We can’t wait to see everyone over coffee! Second, and I know you have been chomping at the bit for this, Registration for Battle o’ Baltimore is open! Woohoo!

  • About one month left to register for our Summer Seminar!

    Just a friendly note for anyone who has not seen our new Summer Seminar: There is just about a month left before registration closes. Come out and participate in three sessions over the course of the morning. (Coffee, Juice and Pastries are included in the registration fee!)

  • MD Legislation Opportunity: Removing Robotics Grant tie to Public Schools

    Greetings Mentors! Yet some more legislation for you to consider. Did you know that Maryland has a robotics grant program, available for teams affiliated with public schools? I certainly did not! (The link is to the 2017 process, but I assume there will be a similar one in 2018, assuming the money is in the…

  • Hot: Build Space Tax Incentive Bill (S: 29 January 2018)

    Chances are, if you are reading this, you are a robotics team in Maryland! If you have been mentoring for a while, you know the time, sweat and space it takes to host a robotics team. Some teams are affiliated with school programs, and the school provides them with most or everything they need. Some…